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Correct Skin Care and Makeup Steps


How many skin care steps do you know?

1. Makeup remover

The first step for people who like to apply makeup is to dip an appropriate amount of makeup remover into a makeup pad and remove all the makeup from their face, which can be easily cleaned.

Dip an appropriate amount of makeup remover on the makeup piece to remove all makeup from the face

2. Cleaning

First, the second step in skin care is cleaning. Cleaning involves using facial cleansers that are suitable for your skin to remove dirt from your face.

Washing your face is important, as insufficient or excessive cleaning can easily lead to acne and acne. The correct way to wash your face is to wash it with warm water, fully open your pores, and then use facial cleanser and massage to achieve a cleansing effect. Among them, facial cleanser plays a crucial role. Facial cleansers that are not suitable for your skin can easily cause excessive or insufficient cleaning. If you cannot choose, you can directly use the orange blossom amino acid facial cleanser commonly used in beauty parlors. It gently kisses the skin while effectively cleaning the skin. Suitable for all skin types, anyone can use it to avoid choosing the wrong cleanser

3. Conditioning

The third step is conditioning, which many people often overlook. Conditioning is to make facial mask twice a week. The facial mask can help remove redundant dead skin cells, control oil and replenish water, and make the skin more delicate and smooth.

4. Toner

The fourth is color mixing. Many people understand toner as moisturizing. Just pat it on the face with your hand. In fact, this is wrong. In fact, toner not only has the function of replenishing water, but also primarily serves as a secondary cleaning agent. When wiping toner, use a cotton pad to wipe it, which can clean and save toner.

Carbon powder not only has the function of replenishing water, but also mainly serves as a secondary cleaning agent.

5. Moisturizing

After skin toning, the fifth step is to moisturize the skin, then use toner to supplement water, and then use some lotion to moisturize the skin, so that the skin will become very delicate and smooth while maintaining the balance of water and oil in the skin.

6. Protection

The sixth step is protection. Put on a layer of clothes to protect the skin, that is, after moisturizing the skin, use liquid foundation for protection, which can prevent makeup and external dirt from directly contacting the skin, and also has the effect of covering daydream.

7. Makeup

The final step is determined according to your own needs. If you like making up, you can make up for yourself after using liquid foundation to make yourself more attractive.
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