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Usage of Cosmetics


1. Do not appear sensitive, just replace with a complete set of special care products for sensitive skin

Because this is very unsafe, once the skin becomes allergic, it becomes unusually delicate. If you change a series of cosmetics at this time, it is easy to cause damage to the skin. Therefore, do not replace all products at once. You can start to replace the products in the last procedure of the care products, such as night cream or lotion, and gradually replace them all. You can also stop the products with irritants, such as those containing alcohol or fruit acid.

2. When there are many pimples on the face, it is not because the skin is not washed clean

If you think that getting so many pimples is because your skin hasn't been washed clean and you need to clean it up, it can easily irritate your skin even more. Acne can be a symptom of sensitive skin or an adult acne caused by stress. You should see a doctor instead of blindly using acne treatment products, exfoliating, or deep cleansing, which can further stimulate the skin.

3. Don't rub facial cleanser directly onto your face

The cleanser without foam will stick tightly to the skin surface and damage the sebum film. The correct method is to add clean water to rub the foam first, because the foaming detergent can play a cleaning effect, and the foam is milder than the non foaming emulsion. When washing your face, first wash the T-shaped area, gently take it off your cheeks and rinse it off with warm water.

4. Pay attention to cleaning the powder puff regularly

"You should know that dirty makeup appliances can make your skin very sensitive, so it is important to clean them, as the grease on your face will be sucked away by the powder puff when makeup is applied. A powder puff filled with grease comes into contact with air, which is the best breeding ground for bacteria.". Using dirty powder puffs is not only unsightly, but also prone to making the skin fragile or prone to acne. Wash the powder puff once a week, using a special cleaning agent or mild soap. After washing, press with a tissue paper to absorb water, and then dry in the shade. When choosing cosmetics tools and detergents, you must pay attention to choosing professional detergents for treatment. In daily life, makeup is mainly used for base makeup, and foundation make-up is thicker than other makeup, so base makeup tools are more likely to breed bacteria. Use a special cleaning solution for beauty brushes, spray it on the head of a daily brush, and wipe back and forth with a soft cloth until it is clean.

5. Skin is dry and itchy, do not use moisturizing cream

Because thick and sticky care products are a burden on sensitive skin, do not use them when the skin feels dry and itchy. Maintenance products that are too oily and moist are easy to stimulate sensitive skin, and are not easy to absorb. The texture of "lotion" is more suitable for sensitive skin than cream and essence.

6. Don't try to mask red, dry skin with powder

Because this may be because your skin is inflaming, and sensitive skin that is inflaming should first stop making up. Ordinary makeup tools can exacerbate the inflammation of the skin. When applying honey powder, it is necessary to choose a pure wool and hand painted brush. Even sensitive skin can create a clear and transparent bare skin.
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